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Property service

What we can do for you

Are you looking for a property or are you offering to sell your own property? Do you need financing for your building project or your property acquisition and are seeking the right support? If so, the property service of PJK Realty Consulting is the right choice for you. We provide professional support for you throughout your project. Using our many years of experience in the property business and our comprehensive network of architects, property developers, specialists, experts and banks and our collaboration partners in Germany and overseas we can offer you a close professional relationship. Are you looking for a high-yield asset investment as a capital investor and require specialist support?

Your benefits

We will help you to find the right property or ideal plot of land for you. Are you in business yourself and on the lookout for land or an estate for commercial use or as a capital investor? PJK Realty Consulting is your own one-stop shop. Are you interested and curious to discover what your own property is worth, or are you looking for your ideal home in Italy, France, Switzerland or Austria. We can turn your dreams into reality. Speak to us on a confidential and professional basis about your own personal concerns. We have the right solution for you: you can rely on us to handle your business without revealing any details of your property to the public.

A property service is a simple matter of trust

It makes no difference whether a property is being sold, purchased or managed: a property service needs trust. We have the expertise and will make an active and personal commitment to your properties. PJK Realty Consulting is here to support you with its property service. We are engaged in the long-term profitable management of properties and ensure that their value is maintained and increased. You can arrange an appointment with us at any time and obtain more information from us about our property services.

Property in Germany or overseas

We are a company based in Bavaria, specifically in Munich, to handle the management, sale or purchase of your desire properties. In addition, PJK Realty Consulting also operates on an international basis. Whether you wish to buy, sell or let a property overseas, our employees will handle your personal concerns with all their expertise. Let us make you an offer without obligation and arrange an appointment with one of our competent employees. You can rely on our property service at all times to make a long-term commitment to our clients.

Property purchase and property sale

We can assist you with our professional property service and answer all your questions regarding your properties. It goes without saying that we will certainly support you with dealing with all those details of a property transaction which are often impenetrable to the non-specialist. At the same time, we emphasise the personal touch: this applies both to sellers and buyers of a property. Purchasing a property is an investment for life and for the future for most people. Our concept is based on your own personal wishes. We operate on an individual basis and take our cue from you: you are allocated a personal contact during our entire collaboration.

Are you seeking a suitable property? Then our property consultancy can offer you a comprehensive service. We search for the right apartment, perfect house or suitable commercial property for you. We advise you regarding a suitable location, value the desired property and clarify property financing matters. Thanks to our many years of experience in the property business, we feel qualified to advise you so that you can make your own decisions on a sound basis.

Property valuation with in-depth analysis

If you wish to know the value of a property and what kind of return you can expect, PJK Realty Consulting can help you. We analyse the property and offer you the right decision-making tools to help you to optimise your investments strategically. With regard to the profitability of a property, we itemise all the costs and show you the best way to manage it. This applies to owner-occupied properties but even more so to properties that are to serve as an investment. Our property service will provide you with an in-depth property valuation.

Transparent property brokerage

We have been successfully operating as a property service in Bavaria for many years. In terms of property sales, we always keep you up-to-date as the seller. PJK Realty Consulting ensures that you are able to market your properties successfully. Your personal contact is also available for you throughout the entire process. They will develop a suitable sales strategy together with you and can be contacted at any time with your requests. Our experts will assist you, even if you are seeking suitable residential accommodation, commercial or office premises. They will ensure that you receive all the information you require for buying or selling a property. With our property service we are your one-stop shop.

Accurate land valuation

A proper procedure of land valuation must be carried out. This procedure is generally used but sometimes the guideline land prices of the relevant cities and respective municipalities are applied. The comparative value is established by comparing land with similar features and prices. If the value changes on the land market, our specialists consider this and use special formulae to obtain an up-to-date value. The specific value of a plot of land depends on many different factors. These include, for example, building potential, location and size, but also soil conditions, development and pollution. When land is bought or sold, the exact value can often only be established if all factors are known. With our property service PJK Realty Consulting is the partner at your side.

Sound property financing

Sound property financing is also, of course, part of our property service. PJK Realty Consulting can assist you if you wish to buy or build a property, and thus need in-depth advice on property finance. We can find an individual solution tailored to your wishes and needs using our many years of experience and our comprehensive network of banks and financial service providers. You can rely on our property services at all times.