FRANCE: Avignon – La Cour des Doms – new build luxury apartments

Buy a piece of World Heritage

The prestige restoration project La Cour des Doms

Avignon is located on the eastern bank of the river Rhone in the beautiful Provence (department Vaucluse) in the south of France . With its own airport and the TGV train station, it is very well connected to international destinations.

2018 is an important year for the city of Avignon. It starts the major urban prestige restoration project: La Cour des Doms.
The property is placed directly in the city adjacent to the famous Pope Palace.

Located in the middle of a neighborhood in upheaval, in the district “Banasterie”, La Cour des Doms is a major restoration project for a symbolic city building. It stands for a new urbanism in which there will be a common living space and the well-being of the residents is the focus of planning.

All shopping facilities for daily needs and beyond as well as good medical care round off the good infrastructure.

Planned are

  • 68 residential units, 1-5 room apartments with garden or roof terrace
  • high quality equipment
  • 73 underground parking spaces
  • shops
  • a daycare
  • a medical center
  • a appx. 1700 sqm art block managed by the city (for artistic lessons, exhibitions, etc …)
  • a cafe
  • a hostel

The municipality accompanies the implementation by putting the proceeds of the sale into the redevelopment of the environment in order to better connect this district with its historical center.

The project, developed by Francois Ier-Groupe, involves the construction of 68 apartments from 1 room to 5 room duplex apartments. In order to meet the needs of the residents, 73 underground parking spaces will be added under the building.

Under the direction of an architect specialized in the preservation of monuments  and under the supervision of the responsible architect’s chamber of the ABF – Architecte de Bâtiments de France, the project serves the integration into the historical environment. A study was made according to the criteria of historical preservation in order to take up the history of the historical building. In addition, it was necessary to secure the historical elements in order to be able to consider and optimize their preservation during planning.

The restoration takes into account the architecture, design language and the authenticity of the original building materials. Local companies with certified cultural-historical knowledge are involved in the project.

Completion of the project: expected in the first half of 2021

In keeping with the building’s generous architecture, the rooms of the 68 living units receive a cozy and light-flooded layout.

The selection of building materials takes place with particular care and to match the building in consultation with the architect of ABF – Architecte de Bâtiments de France.

All apartments on the ground floor have a vaulted ceiling and a private garden. On the first floor, the apartments are also equipped with a vaulted ceiling in a very generous ceiling height of 4.70 m. On the second and third floor are large duplex apartments with unique views of the Pope Palace and the river Rhone.

Apartment No. 5:
3 room with garden

This 3 room garden apartment with about 61.70 sqm has a west-facing terrace with a small garden. The bathroom has a bathtub as well as a shower and an extra toilet.

Apartment No. 5 costs € 400,088.00 plus € 30,000.00 underground parking space.

Apartment No. 7:
1 room with garden

This cosy 1 room apartment (about 30.10 sqm) with a west-facing terrace and a small garden is absolutely quiet to the courtyard. An extra kitchen with window and a bathroom with bathtub and toilet are available.

Apartment No. 7 costs € 210.512,00 plus € 30,000.00 underground parking space.

Apartment No. 213:
5 room duplex roofterrace

This 5 room duplex penthouse apartment (over three levels) with approximately 125.50 sqm of living space is the centerpiece of the building in the north and to the river Rhone. It has a sunny south-facing terrace, a spacious living area with open kitchen, two bathrooms with bathtub and two extra WC’s.

Apartment No. 213 costs € 802.534,00 plus € 30,000.00 underground parking space.

Apartment No. 215:
3 room duplex roofterrace

This 3 room duplex apartment (over two levels) with about 85.70 sqm of living space has a sunny west-facing terrace to the courtyard. In addition, the large bedroom is connected to a dressing area and a spacious bathroom with bathtub and an extra toilet is also available. The view from the living-dining area with open kitchen has a view to the north on the river Rhone excites beyond measure.

Apartment No. 215 costs € 547.115,00 plus € 30,000.00 underground parking space.