Olching-Geiselbullach: MULTI-GENERATION LIVING – Building plot with two construction windows on the edge of the landscape conservation area Amper


Object description

The approximately 2,280 m² plot of land with an old stock from 1952 has two construction windows according to the valid B-plan. The following development is currently possible:

Construction window 1: E + II with approx. 167 m² gross floor area
Construction window 2: E + D with approx. 167 m² gross floor area

You can receive the plan extract and a cadastral extract on request.

The dimensions are approx. 50 meters in width and approx. 45 meters in length, the orientation is south / southeast towards the Amper river.

There is an absolutely quiet location adjacent to the landscape protection area of ​​the Amper and agricultural areas. According to the Landratsamt Fürstenfeldbruck, the property is not in the designated flood area.
There are beautiful old fruit trees.

There is currently a spacious multiple garage on the existing property with additional usable space both in the area of ​​the garage on the ground floor and in the attic above, which is also entered as an area in the floor plan in the case of new buildings.

A division of the plot area is basically possible.

A use for multi-generational living on the property would be ideally suited.


Location description

  • Olching is a town in the Upper Bavarian district of Fürstenfeldbruck and lies approximately 20 kilometers west of Munich. The area of ​​the city of Olching lies approximately halfway between Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck and extends on both sides of the Amper, the Amper Canal (Mühlbach) and the extensive floodplain areas. It is located in the west of the state capital on the Munich-Augsburg railway line.
  • Olching borders on the municipal area of ​​Maisach in the west (approx. 6 km as the crow flies), in the north on Bergkirchen (Dachau district approx. 10 km), in the east on the urban area of ​​Munich, in the southeast on the municipality of Gröbenzell (approx. 4 km) , in the south to Puchheim (approx. 5 km) and Eichenau (approx. 4 km) and in the southwest to Emmering and Fürstenfeldbruck (approx. 7 km).
  • In the middle of the city is a large part of the landscape protection area “Untere Amper” (approx. 553 ha, thereof 316 ha in the area of ​​the city of Olching) as well as the landscape protection area “Graßlfinger Moos and Olchinger See” (approx. 590 ha).
  • The city has three primary schools: the primary school in Olching on Martinstrasse, as well as the primary schools in Graßlfing and Esting in the districts of the same name. Secondary schools are the middle school Olching im Schwaigfeld with multi-gymnasium and the neighboring high school Olching. There is also an adult education center.
  • A medical center is located in the village. The amusement park, the Olchinger See and the Olching Golf Club can be reached by car in a few minutes.
  • The city of Olching with the stops Olching and Esting of the line (Mammendorf – Esting – Olching – Munich Central Station – Holzkirchen) of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association is connected to the public transport in the Munich metropolitan region. The city center can be reached in just over 20 minutes.
  • The property is located in the Geiselbullach district, directly adjacent to the landscape protection area.
  • Olching – Geiselbullach is connected to the A 8 motorway via the Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck or Lochhausen / Langwied junctions and to the A 99 via the Lochhausen junction. There are also two driveways on the B 471, which connects the district towns of Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck as a tangent in the north and west of Munich. Munich Airport can be reached in around 30 minutes by car.

Purchase price: on demand

Brokerage fee: 3.57% incl. 19% VAT from the securitized purchase price

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