Overseas properties

PJK Realty Consulting has a particularly strong client base in Europe, especially in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. As a result of many years of cooperation and strategic business alliances in these countries, we are well placed to acquire and market properties, find investors and finance property projects.

We will help you find a luxury property in the form of a villa, an apartment or a hotel in Portofino, the South of France or Zermatt, or industrial land.

Your villa in Tuscany or palazzo on Lake Como can evoke quite specific emotions. A sense of longing can be stirred by the scent of the Ligurian cost, the hot sand on the beach in St. Tropez or the first snowfall in Gstaad.

Everybody has a fantasy, a deeply-cherished dream.

We turn this dream into reality.

Buying property overseas

Do you have a recurrent dream of owning a house in Tuscany, a finca in Majorca or perhaps a country cottage in Brittany. You are not alone. Most Germans dream of buying a house abroad. There are many motives for this – as a holiday home, a retirement residence, possibly even as a new primary residence or investment property.
Yet this will often remain a pipe dream. A purchase of a property overseas can fail for a variety of reasons: your budget is not adequate, there are problems with financing or you are simply unable to find the right property. You also need to beware of certain pitfalls when buying property overseas.

Thus, to actually realise your dream of a holiday home in the sun or a retirement residence in, for example, Italy, you need to have faith in a broker with expertise, experience and knowledge of the local market. PJK Realty Consulting will always be the right choice for you when you buy property overseas. Our experts in overseas property are genuine professionals in this field who support you and provide professional advice if you wish to buy property overseas. We can guarantee that you will find the right property for you.

House / Buying a holiday house overseas

Would you like a holiday home in France, or would you prefer to enjoy a mountain view from the roof terrace of your new property in Austria? Just contact us with no obligation, and indicate to us your preferred location. We have a wide international network which will enable us to find your ideal property overseas. You can rely on every single employee of PJK Realty Consulting to strive to achieve your goal and be there for you at all times.

Buying land overseas

Or would you like to buy a plot of land overseas? We are your ideal partners. Do you have your own building plans and are you looking for the right piece of land? No problem. We guarantee that we have the right solution for you in our portfolio. Thanks to our numerous partners and contacts, we have constant access to all kinds of land. In fact, the nature of the land is relevant to your own building plans. But we can also provide you with garden plots, agricultural land, forest land or even land with water. Whether you are looking for land for investment or for your own use, we have access to the best deals when you are looking to purchase land.

Buying an apartment overseas

Overseas properties such as flats and apartments  have been very popular for some time. In countries such as Spain and Italy, there is an enormous demand for property in the form of apartments. But in other regions and countries, too, an apartment in an idyllic coastal location, for example, can offer you the good life on your doorstep. A house generally guarantees you more peace and quiet, but this can also be the attraction of a stylish apartment near the coast. Whatever the apartment you go for, we try to make the impossible possible: with our skills and expertise, with the right contacts and with our commitment.

Buying commercial property overseas

Globalisation continues to be an economic driver of success. Is your company looking for a production plant or an office overseas? Are you seeking to optimise your global trade with a new location? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experts in our team who specialise in commercial properties. You will therefore benefit from comprehensive expert knowledge, a high level of specialisation and specific market expertise. Arrange an appointment with our commercial property experts and find out more about all the available opportunities.

Selling property overseas

Our company, PJK Realty Consulting, not merely supports and advises purchasers and potential purchasers, we also offer you a full service when you sell your overseas property. We are reliable and competent estate agents and are thus the right people to act as brokers for your property. We have one clear aim in our philosophy: to ensure that you are happy. We sell overseas properties at the highest prices. Be persuaded by our expertise and our competence. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, a holiday apartment or a retirement residence, you will always benefit from our individually tailored sales strategies.

Häuser an einer Küste

House / Selling a holiday house overseas

Feel like a change? Would you like to sell your holiday home in France successfully and rapidly and move to Portugal? No problem for us. Whether you have only used your holiday home once a year or over a longer period of time, our sales professionals can quickly sell your overseas property or your holiday home that you no longer require. So, you don’t know how much your holiday home is worth? We can tell you. Our experts will carry out a professional valuation of your holiday home. Then we will provide a marketing concept for a sales strategy to present your holiday home to potential purchasers to its best advantage.

Selling land overseas

Do you own land in Poland or Sicily but are not using the land and also have no future building plans? Then, with our help you can turn your piece of land overseas into hard cash. We offer a comprehensive service to sellers of land as part of an individually tailored marketing and effective sales strategy. Our range of services extends from a professional valuation of your property and drawing up detailed reports to organising viewings and drafting purchase contracts.

Selling an apartment overseas

Do you own an apartment overseas and are looking to sell it for a good price? If so, don‘t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will quickly find a suitable buyer for your apartment overseas with their individual advice, sound valuation of the property and holistic support. Thanks to our regional market expertise, we always know when is the best time to sell and how you can achieve the highest sales price.

Selling commercial property overseas

If you are selling commercial property overseas without a professional and experienced estate agent, you will find it difficult to achieve a satisfactory return. This is because commercial property overseas has its own distinctive features in terms of valuation and in terms of construction and tax law. To make a successful sale with clever and market-specific marketing, sound and effective specialist knowledge is generally required. PJK Realty Consulting is your professional solution that guarantees you specific benefits when selling your commercial property, irrespective of the location. A good estate agent will sell your commercial property more rapidly, will achieve a better sales price and will offer you security.

Financing overseas property. Do you wish to buy an overseas property but are there still some financing issues? Then speak to us. Whether you are buying an overseas property in Belgium or France, or are seeking to build on land, we can offer you sound property financing. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can guarantee to find you the right bank for financing your overseas property or development site. Our finance experts check each financing proposal in detail to find the best conditions for you.