Our strength lies in property and associated transactions:

PJK Realty Consulting does not merely link buyers and sellers, its speciality is linking people and emotions. Our business model is as brokers of property, land, projects and financing opportunities. We can also do the EASY stuff like any of our competitors. However, what excites us most is the DIFFICULT to IMPOSSIBLE stuff. Thus, do not consider PJK Realty Consulting merely as a broker, but rather as a coordinator with diplomatic skills, an ambassador, as your trusted partner. Property often enables us to bring parties and families together as people. Joint heirs solve their disputes, investors improve their portfolio and find their optimum potential for development when they use us to carry out their projects.

Are you looking for suitable financing for your project or the required company as general contractor with no risk with regard to completion?

PJK Realty Consulting is your own advisor whom you can trust.

We offer you a one-stop shop. You can speak to us with absolute confidentiality on a professional basis about your personal concerns. We have the right approach to solve your problems. You can rely on us to handle your business without revealing any details of your property to a wider public. Our hallmark is the network which we have built up and maintained over many years, which has long valued our clientele.

We want to make one thing clear to you: we only want what is best for you, and thus the fee that we deserve. What counts for us is that you are completely satisfied and recommend us to your best friend, your close relative or your family. Your trust is our priority.