Property brokerage

Property brokerage in Munich & Bavaria

We specialise in Munich and Bavaria due to the location of PJK Realty Consulting. We have an outstanding network including long-established, well-known families (family offices) who regularly restructure their property portfolio by selling some of their properties or land and also add to their property portfolio.
We cooperate on an equal footing with architects and property developers in Munich, the surrounding area, and with the responsible bodies and authorities throughout Germany in developing land for residential or commercial purposes.

Property brokerage in Germany

Germany is both traditionally and increasingly one of the most important investment drivers in Europe and globally, due to current global economic development.
We advise investors globally who wish to increase their presence in the German market for either geopolitical or economic reasons. Brexit is increasingly an issue, oil and gas are limited and China has the largest reserves of cash on the global market.
Germany offers significant potential in the development of both land and existing properties. On the one hand, it has listed buildings which offer tax savings with depreciation for wear and tear. On the other hand, throughout Germany there is a great deal of land which is either unused or ripe for development and, in this context, may result in relevant planning, taking account of local circumstances.
There is enormous potential here which has already been recognised by our international investors whom we support closely, especially in eastern and western Germany.

Property brokerage with PJK Realty: your benefits

With PJK Realty Consulting you benefit in two respects: our many years of expertise in the regional property market in Munich and Bavaria and our international network. If you cooperate with us, you will be making the right choice. We have extensive networks in Munich and in Bavaria and our renowned experts of our property brokerage services have been working in the property market for many years. We provide a bespoke personal service and want you to benefit from our long experience. We support you through each stage with our services, whether we are buying, selling, letting or managing your properties. Our specialists will ensure that your personal benefits are protected. With your properties, it is your wishes and goals that count. We will discuss with you confidentially and without obligation how you can achieve your goals. Ultimately, properties are much more than houses made of bricks and mortar or glass and steel, they are buildings that can become dynamic with the benefit of modern ideas and with our property brokerage.

Buying property

Buying a house

Those who live within their own four walls are happier: this was established by academics at the University of Hohenheim. With our property brokerage we can help you to realise your dream of your own home. We have many houses in our portfolio that are sold in Munich and in the entire region. We are also happy to accompany you on your quest for your own personal dream home. We conduct surveys, issue valuations and detailed reports for houses, and provide you with all the relevant information for the properties and, of course, are at your personal service with our property brokerage.

Buying an apartment

Are you looking to buy an apartment in Munich or the surrounding area for your own personal use? Or do you wish to invest your capital in high-yield owner-occupied apartments and benefit from the increase in value? We are happy to show you the locations where it is worthwhile to purchase an apartment. Owner-occupied apartments are highly suitable for capital investments as they are only subject to moderate price fluctuations. Our property brokerage in Munich can help you with letting your apartment, so that you will benefit from a secure income for many years and will, at the same time, be able to take advantage of the associated tax benefits.

Buying land

Before a house or another property can be built, it is important to find a suitable piece of land. In Munich and the surrounding area, this is not easy. As there is a limited supply of land, not only are luck and the negotiating skills of our property brokers required, but also a little perseverance until suitable land for the planned project is found. Four criteria determine the purchase price of a piece of land in the first instance: development potential, location, size and quality. The larger the piece of land you are looking for, the more expensive it is. If it is also located in an exclusive and desirable area, the price rises still further. Our property brokerage service can help you to find a suitable piece of land for your personal project and also support you in financing it. All you have to do is contact us!

Buying commercial property

If you need more space for your ideas and your company, our property brokerage can help you to buy suitable commercial property. This applies to large warehouse facilities in locations with an excellent infrastructure but also to businesses that rely on their regular and occasional customers. The sort of company for which you are seeking commercial property will determine the right location. Do you offer services and wish to sell goods? In that case, you need a lot of passing trade and potential customers. Adequate parking is just as important. We analyse your needs and can help you to buy the right commercial property.

Selling property

Selling a house? Do you know the market value of your house, if you wish to sell? At PJK Realty Consulting, we value your property and take you through the whole process. We carry out credit checks on your purchase, support you during house viewings and of course, during all negotiations. As we provide a professional valuation for your house, you will achieve the best price for it with our help.

Selling an apartment

Even if an owner-occupied apartment is indeed an investment, an apartment must also be sold at a profit. Select our professional service for the sale of your apartment: our property brokerage is there to help you. For us, successful marketing is based not only on the value of your apartment but also on your personal wishes. You can be certain that we will show your apartment at its best, so that you can achieve the best possible price for it. We have a large network of potential purchasers who are sufficiently creditworthy. Our property brokerage will enable you to sell your apartment within an appropriate timeframe so that you will have the proceeds within the foreseeable future.

Selling land

Do you own a plot of land that you wish to sell? If it is already designated as land for development, the possibilities for its sale are generally good. Attractive plots of land are especially sought after in Munich and the surrounding area. The price which may be achieved for the plot is based on development potential, size, location and quality. The land values published by the respective municipalities provide a potential approximate value, however, in individual cases prices may clearly deviate from these values. Our property brokerage is happy to help you achieve the best possible price for your plot and find a suitable solvent purchaser.

Selling commercial property

Commercial properties are as varied as the companies or business which is carried out in them. If you own a commercial property and wish to sell, you can sell it as a property that is rented out or vacant. The price differential between these can, in fact, be significant: vacant commercial property generally fetches a lower purchase price than well-let commercial property, which tends to have a high yield. This is because many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to rent a commercial property than to purchase one themselves.

What should be considered?

If you wish to buy, sell or let a property, you can, of course do this independently and thus save the property broking fee. This may suit those who are in the business and know their way around buying, selling or letting properties. At PJK Consulting, we are highly-qualified specialists when it comes to property valuation. Since both trust and quite a lot of money is generally at stake in the purchase or sale of properties, we offer you a very personal service. We help you to achieve the best price for a sale. If you wish to buy a property, we find your ideal property and deal with all the associated finances. With our professional property broking service, you can count on your benefits:

  • We have an outstanding network, not only in Munich and its surrounding area but also throughout Germany and have access to a large number of potential purchasers and sellers.
  • Our specialists provide meaningful and professional reports for the sale of owner-occupied apartments, houses and plots of land. These reports do not merely include the objective facts such as size, location and year of construction, but also the fixtures, building quality and extras that are associated with this information.
  • Our property broking service is there to support you: we act in accordance with your personal wishes, ideas and opportunities, from your search for a suitable property or plot of land to the finances. Whether you are selling an owner-occupied apartment or your house, we look for solvent purchasers, arrange all viewing appointments and achieve the best price for the sale. Of course, we also ensure that there is an energy certificate for the sale. We always respect your wishes when drafting all contracts.