Property consultancy

Would you like to fulfil your dream of owning your own home or are you seeking a property for a sound investment? If so, come to PJK Realty Consulting and let you assure of its property consultancy. We are happy to advise you with our service which is both comprehensive and individually tailored to your needs. We show you your options and, as a full service provider in the property field, ensure that you can fulfil your individual wishes and feel at ease with our support from the outset. You can benefit from our competence and expertise, but also from our human traits such as trust and fairness.

What is property consultancy?

Comprehensive and high-quality property consultants generally facilitate the processes of looking for, purchasing or selling property and the management of the entire process. In the light of the extreme complexity of property markets and due to the constant changes in this sector, a good property consultancy is a pre-requisite for purchasing or selling apartments, houses or commercial property. Included in our consultancy services are also recommendations for choice of location, measures for accurate property valuation and advice on financial matters.
Thus, you benefit from the qualified advice of our trained first-class consultants who, with their expertise, experience and sound market knowledge always provide the best solutions in line with your intentions. Our property consultants at PJK Realty Consulting thus develop ideas and strategies with individual character within the context of holistic advice and support.

An overview of our services

  • Property brokerage: The framework plan is in place; now you just need to find a suitable property. We take this on for you. Whether you are looking for properties for commercial use, offices, surgeries or residential buildings, we find your dream property for you.
  • Property valuation: Our property experts provide professional valuations for both buildings and land. The most important criterion for property valuation is generally the location. But other important factors to be considered for valuation are also the type of land or house, building quality and facilities and, not least, energy efficiency.
  • Property financing: We provide reliable assistance, bearing in mind all the relevant factors and find the appropriate financing for you based on your individual needs. You will benefit from our experience in every respect. In fact, incorrect property consultancy  in terms of finance often has drastic consequences. So, have faith in the competence of our specialists.
  • Overseas property: We advise you on all matters regarding building, financing and acquisition of properties overseas. Thanks to our broadly-based networks we are always well-informed about prices, trends and local market features all over the world.
  • Purchasing property: We buy your properties ourselves if they fulfil specific criteria. It goes without saying that we operate fairly and rapidly.

However, we are not merely estate agents. An estate agent is only the middleman in terms of marketing properties – our service portfolio goes far beyond this. We support you during your search for a suitable property and manage the entire purchasing process together with you at your request. If you use our professional property consultancy, you can be sure that we will provide the foundations on which you can make a sound decision.

Before sound property consultancy can be given, an initial analysis must always take place. Do you want to buy a house or a commercial property that is no longer being used in Munich or Frankfurt? The property market often appears to be far too complex to those with no market experience; also, there are various elements to consider. We follow these developments and market events daily. This offers us a first-class basis for detailed analysis. Thus, we enable you to make the best possible decision for you.

Property consultancy in Munich, Germany and overseas

Do you wish to buy, sell or let a property in Munich, Bavaria, Germany or overseas? As professional property consultants based in Munich, we can guarantee to fulfil your intentions and are happy to support you. As a result of our many years of experience, our consultants are familiar with the respective property markets which will benefit you when you seek your ideal property. Or perhaps you are looking for a buyer for your properties? Our property consultancy can provide support tailored to your needs. Our individual property consultancy is always sound from a professional and specialist point of view; we assist you through the entire process. While our head office is located in Munich, and thus in Bavaria, we have a strong presence both nationally and internationally and have access to an extensive network.

Consultancy for buying property

Every property purchase is a matter of trust: it is your money that is at stake. This applies to properties of any size. Make the most of our expertise and ask for comprehensive and professional advice from our experienced consultants when your buy property.

Consultancy for buying a house

Are you looking for your own ideal home, or would you and your family like to purchase your own home in Austria? No problem: we analyse and value your property according to the current market values. When you are ready to view a property, we tell you exactly what to consider and what specialist information is important. Ultimately, when you purchase a property you buy as seen. Thus, if you find defects at a later date you are not in a position to request improvements or obtain a reduction. When you buy a house through us, we eliminate this risk. We want you to feel at home in your property and make some provision for your retirement. At the end of the day, an owner-occupied residence not only means independence in old age but will often provide a basis for future assets for your children. PJK Realty Consulting is with its professionell property consultancy the right choice for you.

Consultancy for buying an apartment

It is worth buying a freehold apartment for many reasons: especially in sought-after metropolitan areas, a freehold apartment is a secure investment that can also be used as provision for retirement. Of course, you yourself may wish to occupy the freehold apartment, so you can plan any fittings and renovations within your own four walls for which you would need the consent of your landlord in a rented apartment. However, there are differences between buying a freehold apartment and your own house. For example, in addition to the purchase price for the freehold apartment, subsequent maintenance costs need to be factored in. Our property consultancy will support you from your initial search for your property until you move in, so that you are always in safe hands.

Ein Mann berät mit einem Füller in der Hand

Consultancy for selling property

If you wish to sell your property, we are here to help with our property consultancy: every sale is different. Thus, our experts will help you to clarify your aims for your specific property and what you need to consider. For example, an on-site meeting can show whether all information is complete for potential purchasers or whether a list should be provided specifying maintenance measures which have already been implemented. As we focus on the property market in Munich, Bavaria, the whole of Germany and even the global market, we can value your home realistically. If you instruct us to market your property, you will achieve the best possible price for a sale.

Consultancy for property financing

Have you found your property and now need financing? We analyse all the data we need for your financing together with you. We show you the various potential loans and financing options and explain to you the opportunities and risks of individual financing options, always with an eye on your personal situation, and always considering the costs. Naturally, we consider with our property consultancy the period of the fixed interest rate. This is especially important for you when you are budgeting for the currently low interest rate for financing and then anticipate a potential increase in interest.

Professional project management at all stages

Property construction requires professional planning. What applies to a small detached house is indispensable in the case of large properties. With our professional project management and our strong network of architects and property developers, we support you through every stage of development. We advise you as prospective builders and owners at every stage of project development.

Optimisation of your property portfolio

Are you the owner of several properties and manage your own portfolio? Then you are aware of all the requirements of viable responsible management. Especially for older existing properties, high costs tend to correlate with relatively low or decreasing rental income. This is often due to the condition of the building, but also to the expectations imposed on you by today’s tenants. The value of your property depend not merely on its age but especially on its condition. Whilst a renovated rental property dating from the period of Germany’s rapid industrial expansion is a desirable rental property, a mid-terraced house from the sixties is quite different. The specialists of our property consultancy show you how to make your property portfolio economically viable, develop an appropriate strategy and optimise your property portfolio. We know the requirements of the property market and can thus optimise the potential of your properties and thereby increase their value.

Advice for using property as an investment

As interest rates are historically low, property is now considered “concrete gold dust” and a safe provision for old age. Those who buy property and let with a sufficiently high yield can generate long-term assets. Property is attractive as an investment and generally promises higher yields than many other investments. We know the right locations for property investments. We can help you with our property consultancy to invest profitably in property and achieve a high return.