Property financing

Buying a property is a big investment for most people, probably even the biggest investment you will ever make. Thus, sound property financing is always a prerequisite, to minimise risks and to base financial burdens on one’s own specific budget. Those who do not make careful calculations and obtain finance in a professional way and by taking account of all the relevant factors may find they fall victim to a financial disaster.

Important elements of your loan agreement

If you require credit or a loan for property financing, this always involves various decisions in terms of contractual details. There are many nuances and details to be considered. Are you familiar with the levers of a property financing by which you can individually adjust the contractual details, and most importantly, how can you obtain suitable property financing designed for your individual financial situation? The following criteria are generally especially relevant:

  • Equity: A key point in procuring your property financing.
  • Interest charges: It is generally advantageous for the interest offered to be determined over a specific period. This is called the binding borrowing rate.
  • Repayment: The relevant repayment strategy is crucial in ascertaining how quickly you will be debt-free.
  • Unscheduled payment: You should generally consider certain unscheduled payment options in your credit agreement. If you have additional liquid assets, you can use these at once for repayment of the property loan.
  • Repayment plan: It is important that you have a detailed overview of the progress of your residual debt at all times.
  • Loan value: The loan value is often quite important in property financing.

PJK Realty Consulting cooperates with various German and overseas banks and financial service providers. In addition, we also offer private equity partnerships.
In our view, it is not only a question of the most favourable interest rates but also the optimum framework conditions for your property financing, customised to the needs of a range of projects. Thus, we are able to draw on many years of partnership with investors who require close support for the project.
Speak to us in confidence and we will connect you with a suitable partner. There is always a solution which we will develop in cooperation with you. All you have to do is to take the first step.
Using our wide network and group of legal, tax and auditing consultants we can help you in every situation and continue to support you throughout the process. In all cases, we examine the legal situation and the future prospects and offer you the right potential solutions. Our approach has only one guiding principle: to reach a satisfactory conclusion for you, the client and all those involved.

At the end of the day, a good business is a business that is both inclusive and collaborative.

PJK Realty Consulting is there for you.

We look forward to working with you.

Financing of construction projects

Whether as a pure investment for retirement and to save tax or for your own use as a residential property, owning a property is high on the agenda for most Germans. To be able to realise this dream promptly and with financial security, in addition to a suitable property in your preferred region you also need reliable property financing.
Thus, you should seek professional support in financing construction projects. There is a wide range of financial services available, not only in terms of structure and many are extremely complex in contractual details. We show you how to access financing that is precisely tailored to your situation and your relevant circumstances. This area and market offer various opportunities. Thus, you can, for example, redeem building loan agreements or take out a building loan. We also need to check whether you can apply for funding. We always focus on you. We optimise conditions for you with an individual repayment plan and with astutely devised payment instalments.

Arranging financing

A low level of interest, a need for security, changing personal circumstances or investing in real assets – there are a whole range of reasons or intentions for financing one’s own property. With property financing, contracts are often long-term, time-consuming and associated with a comparatively large financial investment. Do not be misled by generally low interest rates. PJK Realty Consulting protects you from unwise decisions of this kind. We arrange your property financing tailored to your needs so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Financing a house

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial properties, we specialise in finance for houses. Our portfolio of services is based on selecting suitable finance partners, the optimum respective financial services at conditions which are tailed to your situation. Thus, we have access to a wide network of banks and other reputable financial service providers. Do you want professional financial arrangements without a safety net? If so, you can rely on us at all time.

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Financing an apartment

Is your house too large or costly for you? Do you dream of owning a stylish apartment in Munich, Frankfurt or, for example, in Nice? Even in the case of individually tailored financing for an apartment, our property and finance experts ensure intelligent property financing. With PJK Realty Consulting, successful negotiations for financing apartments are always the result of finely-tuned operating procedures in conjunction with competition and the right timing.

Financing commercial property

Whether you are seeking finance for an office building, shopping centre or industrial complex, the situation is always highly complex and requires a high degree of specialist knowledge and absolutely meticulous planning to take account of all eventualities. In this regard, an important factor is risk assessment. Our competent consultants who are trained in the specific markets know the appropriate standards applied by banks and especially the loan providers specialised in financing commercial properties. Thus, the risk assessment of a commercial property generally always depends on the respective return. But this is only one of many aspects. Speak to us, we will be happy to advise you on your options with regard to the financing of commercial properties.

Financing overseas property

Do you dream of owning your own holiday home or would you like to move to another country with your family? Not only do we arrange suitable properties for you but also present you with tailored solutions for financing overseas property. Our employees have wide-ranging expertise and many years of experience in regional particularities.
For example, if an overseas bank is involved in financing your overseas property, there are often linguistic barriers which are especially risky for contractual negotiations. With our support you are protected from these kinds of problems. Our consultants have the necessary linguistic ability and thus can always guarantee transparency in financing overseas properties.

What to consider in terms of financing?

Property finance is generally based on an extended period of time. For financing to function well in the long term a whole range of details must considered. We have outlined the most significant factors for you.

  • When seeking finance for a property, do not merely consider the apparent costs of purchasing or constructing a building. The additional costs (lawyers’ fees, required insurance etc.) must also be factored into your calculations. In addition, service charges and maintenance costs are essential components of long-term planning.
  • The development in the value of a property is an essential factor in arranging property finance. Our experts will also take this on for you and predict further development in value using existing performance indicators, a thorough examination of the building structure and the market performance. If, for example, this prediction results in an unfavourable development of the property environment, this will reduce the property value. This will then detract from the purchaser’s investment.
  • There are many pitfalls in the area of property finance. Thus, we advise you to undertake property financing with high repayments and low interest as in around ten years’ time when the residual loan maybe be further financed with new credit and thus also with different conditions. PJK Realty Consulting will willingly provide you with professional support for this.