Property valuation

Would you like to sell your dream home by the sea or your luxury country home? PJK Realty Consulting is your reliable partner and can arrange this for you at any time with our professionalism. To achieve a top purchase price for you, we establish and analyse all relevant data. We always carry out a comprehensive property valuation from the outset, which we use to establish the “market value” of a property, also known as the commercial value. This is the price which can be achieved for the valued property according to the current market.

Which factors influence the value of a property?

The value of a property, whether it is a freehold apartment, a detached house or a commercial property, is derived from a range of factors. The most important factors are ….

… supply and demand. For example, if the demand for properties exceeds the supply in metropolitan areas the value of properties is, of course, generally higher than in areas with decreasing migrant populations.

… the location and the surroundings of the property. There is a difference between the macro and micro-location. The macro-location refers to an entire region or whole city: the local surroundings and the existing infrastructure play an important role here. The social infrastructure is especially crucial for residential properties. If there are doctors’ surgeries, cultural organisations, schools and nursery schools in the area, this has a positive effect on property value. Proximity to public transport is also an important factor.

… the current market situation.

… the surface area and layout of the relevant property.
… the age and structural condition of the property.

… the energy-efficient classification of the property.
… the fittings in the property.

… the legal / statutory requirements (such as, for example, listed building etc.).

Munich & Bavaria

PJK Realty Consulting has its main office in Munich. Thus, the business focuses commercially on the German region of Bavaria. However, an extensive network of national and international partners guarantees that we always operate securely, competently and in consideration of regional particularities, on both a national and international level.

Our services

Whether you wish to sell an apartment or a house, – a professional property valuation is generally a cornerstone of our full service and one of the most crucial criteria for a successful sale of your property.
Thus, our brief of a professional and accurate property valuation is based on three valuation procedures:

  • The comparative value method: we compare similar properties and the purchase prices achieved with the property which is currently to be valued.
  • The German income approach: leases or rent are thus treated as interest. Projections are thus made until the exact time from which an apartment or house is of no value due to wear and tear.
  • The asset value method: in this method, the value of buildings and ground or land is established separately. This is essentially the amount it would cost to construct exactly the same property today.

House valuation

So, you don’t know the exact value of your house? Whether you live in Munich, Frankfurt, Majorca or somewhere in the Austrian region of Styria, if you are interested in finding out the current value of your house, we can carry out a property professional valuation for you. We can tell you, for example, the extent to which the value has increased after modernisation. The valuation of your property is generally included in our full range of services. We always provide you with accurate and thus current values. This information is not only essential for selling a house, but also for purchasing a property: at the end of the day, you should receive proper value for money.

Valuing a freehold apartment

Would you like to acquire a freehold apartment as retirement provision or do you wish to sell your holiday apartment in Holland? Depending on the interests at stake, the value of a freehold apartment is often calculated in advance in a variety of ways. Whilst owners wish to achieve as high a price as possible when they sell, a purchaser, of course, wishes to pay as little as possible, on the other hand.

If a bank finances the purchase price, it is generally guided by the lending value for the valuation. Yet this is often lower than the purchase price. We establish the actual value of your freehold apartment with an objective property valuation. We always focus on the current market value.

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Valuing commercial properties

Whilst residential properties are generally valued according to the asset value method, the German income approach is used for commercial properties. In a valuation of a commercial property, the net profit which can be achieved is thus the decisive factor. However, when commercial property is valued, supply and demand are also crucial. You can take advantage of our expertise, experience and our specific market knowledge as we know the most desirable locations for commercial property.

Property valuation by PJK Realty: your benefits

Do you want a superficial property valuation or values and facts which have been objectively determined? PJK’s property valuation service always establishes the actual value of a property or plot of land for you. This is often necessary when inheritance disputes occur but also, for example, in the event of divorce.

Or do you want to buy or sell land or property as soon as possible? We can provide both effective and rapid help for you. Thanks to our specialist knowledge, our professionalism and our commitment, you can rely on an accurate valuation for your property at all times. We have specialists for all areas relevant to land, freehold properties, houses and commercial properties in our experienced team.

How detailed is a property valuation?

To establish the value of a freehold property, a house, a commercial property or a piece of land, we apply various processes. In addition to a simple property valuation model, a detailed expert opinion is often requested to establish the commercial value. This is used, for example, to establish a property value by a court of law.

Reasons for property valuation

Have you inherited a house or would you like to sell your house, as your personal circumstances have changed? These are both reasons to instruct us to provide you with a professional property valuation. We generally undertake property valuations for a very wide range of reasons.

  • Inheritance: When properties are inherited, a community of heirs is often involved. Then, it is not only the case that the tax office requires the inheritance tax due, the co-heirs may also wish to be bought out. A property valuation by our specialists indicates the exact value of the property and thus the amount of the respective claims.
  • Divorce: If both partners own a proportion of the mutually acquired property or assets consist of several properties, the profit must be established according to § 1373 BGB (German Civil Code). As a divorce is often a long drawn-out and emotionally charged process, a property valuation by one of our independent experts is indispensable.
  • Taxes: If property is inherited or donated, the Tax Office establishes its value and thereby calculates the tax due. However, the tax officials are often not guided by the actual situation when valuing a property, but make inferences according to standardised formulations which thus result in higher valuations. If your property has been valued at too high a level by the Tax Office, we can demonstrate that its value is lower with our expert opinion market value assessment. Consequently, your tax burden will be reduced.