Purchasing property

You never know what life has in store: serious financial problems, a new job, a family reunion, divorce, a new relationship, insolvency or succession planning – these are the kind of events which may require you to relocate. What should you do with your own property? At PJK Realty Consulting we have the perfect solution for you, if you wish to sell your property quickly and at a good price: we can purchase your property directly. For whatever reason you wish to sell your property – PJK Realty Consulting is the right address for you.

PJK Realty Consulting purchases properties which correspond to the following criteria:

  • Properties and land throughout Europe in good condition
  • Development / return potential
  • Real cost/benefit ratio
  • Option of exclusive due diligence review
  • Fast legal processing on fulfilment

We offer:

  • Rapid response with in-depth feedback
  • Expression of interest (LOI) using our binding purchasing intention, if the property is viable for PJK Realty Consulting and corresponds to our portfolio
  • Proof of capital or financing
  • Smooth and discreet handling

And subsequently:
Satisfaction and a perfect outcome for all parties

Rapid implementation of viable solutions

Our experts in direct property purchase will make you a specific purchase offer if you wish to sell your house or apartment very rapidly and discreetly without complications or risk. You should also contact us directly, even if you are selling a commercial property. Following a detailed evaluation/inspection by our property experts, the process generally moves fast. For a direct property purchase, it is our aim to promptly create a functional and practicable solution for the parties involved and to implement this solution discreetly.

No marketing strategy costs

When PJK Realty Consulting purchases your property directly, you immediately benefit from several advantages: in contrast to the traditional sales model with an individually designed marketing strategy, when our company makes a direct purchase you can dispense completely with marketing advertising. You can make considerable cost savings as you do not need a budget for advertising and marketing. A direct sale by our company is also entirely stress-free for you. You can devote very little time to the process, as you do not need to attend countless viewings, respond to constant queries or make and take innumerable telephone calls. This is easier on your nerves and creates new time resources for you.

Discretion and fairness are our hallmarks

Fairness and discretion are integral parts of our company philosophy. We guarantee that a direct property purchase by PJK Realty Consulting is always a low-key business. You do not generally have to wait long for our purchase decision. As soon as all data is available and all conditions are established, you will receive the relevant purchase offer from us. We are top-notch professionals. Thus, you will always reap the benefits of our company’s rapid and professional handling of the entire property purchase.

Which properties do we buy?

Do you have an apartment that you wish to dispose of? Are you the owner of a house that you would like to sell rapidly and under fair conditions? Or do you have a commercial property in your portfolio that you no longer use and is only incurring expenses? If so, come to us. We make direct purchases of both apartments and houses and commercial properties and land all over the world. Just ask us. We would be happy to provide you with information about all the options for property purchase by our company, PJK Realty Consulting.
A property purchase by our company is always based on a mutual relationship of trust. A good business with a win-win attitude always needs a firm foundation of trust and fairness. This is our formula for direct property purchase. We guarantee a human approach. Thus, we provide you with a personal contact from the outset to ensure that your sale is handled smoothly and is completely stress-free.

Purchasing land

Selling land is traditionally often associated with considerable waiting time. Depending on the type of land, the seller may need to wait until a purchaser is found. If you don’t have much time and would prefer to sell today rather than tomorrow, we can make this happen for you. We specialise in buying land. We always focus on current market conditions and pay you a fixed price. Our prices are never based on estimated forecasts. We are realists and buy land at realistic prices.

Purchasing a house

Have you chosen a new retirement residence in Bavaria, or would you like to move to the North Sea for health reasons? At PJK Realty Consulting, we can not only provide you with a new house in your desired region but can also make a direct purchase of your old house. We operate as a one-stop shop. We are a full-service company. We lose no time, which is to your benefit. The house you wish to sell is always valued promptly by us on your request, and then an offer is made at a fair price. Thus, you very quickly acquire fresh capital to build a new life in another area or even another country.

Purchasing commercial property

Commercial properties often have specific features and require a high degree of specialisation. Thus, sales can traditionally move slowly. We can offer a more rapid more secure service, if you contact us about a direct purchase of your commercial property. We are always looking for suitable commercial properties to acquire and add to our portfolio. Our specialists value your commercial property at our earliest opportunity, and this valuation acts as a basis for our quote. If we come to an agreement, we generally make a rapid payment of the purchase price. With us as your contracting partner you will sell your commercial property more rapidly and more securely than elsewhere.

Purchasing an apartment

A stylish apartment on the island of Sylt, a rural retreat in Rosenheim or a modern loft in Munich: whatever and wherever your apartment is that you wish to sell, please contact us. In our role as expert and professional estate agents, we would be happy to find you a buyer for your apartment. However, you do have another option: we also make direct purchases of suitable apartments. For this, you would benefit from our rapid response, our efficiency and our fairness. You can rely on us. Our consistently satisfied clients are testament to this.